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The Program

"Soil health is a pressing global issue. And so is waste. This Program addresses both."

Sharon Marks, AA Program Manager

This framework has been developed to deliver the Program at scale, working with a collaboration of place appropriate partners known as an Alliance. 


Each Alliance collaboratively works to restore at least 350,000 acres of depleted agricultural land (plant or animal production) over a 5 year period. An Alliance is ideally an aggregation of multiple small, medium and large land holdings.

An Alliance is provided with the equivalent of $18.4 million in subsidies and support to offset initial costs. This resourcing is provided by the Agricultural Abundance Global Trust (AAGT).


  • At no time does the process require any halt or interruption to farming practices. Crops can be planted, animals can graze. 

  • Whilst the Program requires a commitment of five (5) years, measurable improvements are often seen within 3 months. Historically this directly translates into improved economic returns at the farm gate shortly after.

  • Implementation scales over time, allowing for farmers and land managers to up-skill and build confidence in the agricultural outcomes. 

  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting of soil health outcomes continues for the duration of the Program. 

  • Required farm inputs are capped at $90* per acre for the duration of the Program. However, as soon as local manufacturing capacity is high enough to meet participant demand, the cost begins to significantly decrease. 

* For the first 2 years, farm input cost is subsidised by one third through the AAGT. 

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